Electron Microscopy, Programme of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic to support the development of long-term collaboration of the public and private sectors on research, development and innovations, the project is managed by a consortium of representatives of eight participating organisations – FEI Czech Republic, Delong Instruments, Crytour, Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of ASCR, Institute of Molecular Genetics of ASCR, Institute of Scientific Instruments of ASCR, Biology Centre of ASCR, Research and Testing Institute Plzen, 2012-2019

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New nanoparticles for ultrastructural diagnostics(Programme Nanotechnologies for Society of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, no. KAN200520704, Co.I.: J. Nebesářová; 2007-2011).The project aims to develope a set of nanoparticles sized 5-15 nm with various shapes or elemental composition, suitable for ultrastructural cytochemistry. The result is a set of five distinguishable electron-stable nanoparticles for multiple ultrastructural labelings in biomedicine and biology.

Vancová M., Šlouf M., Langhans J., Pavlová E., Nebesářová J. 2011: Application of Colloidal Palladium Nanoparticles for Labeling in Electron Microscopy, Microscopy and Microanalysis, 17, 5, 810-816

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Šlouf M., Novotný F., Hozák P., Nebesářová J. 2010: Set of three microscopy distinguishable nanoparticles with gold surfaces for multiple immunolabelling. Czech utility model No.21823.

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Glycoprotein analysis of Ixodes ricinus salivary glands (Grant Agency of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic, no. KJB600960906, P.I.: M.Vancová, 2009-2011. N-glycans isolated from tissues and developmental stages of ticks were described and compared. In fed females, sialic acid and core alfa1,3-fucose was confirmed and localized. Glycan structures of isolated Hemlipoglycoprotein were identified.

Dupejova J., Štěrba J., Vancová M., Grubhoffer L. 2011: Hemelipoglycoprotein from the ornate sheep tick, dermacentor marginatus: structural and functional characterization. Parasites and Vectors 4, Art. N. 4.

Collaboration within projects not related directly to the Institute’s research plan

•     Scientific collaboration in the identification of impurities in components through the scanning electron microscope. Robert Bosch Company, České Budějovice, 2010-2011.

•     Scientific collaboration in the ultrastructural characterisation of special polymers in transmission electron microscope. Viscofan Company, České Budějovice, 2011.

•     Scientific collaboration in the development and the validation of the method using cryo- field emission SEM for the evaluation for the Cyclosporin cps formulations. Teva Czech Industrie Company České Budějovice, 2010-2011.